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Wuthering Heights tickets

As you may have read, I recently won tickets to go see Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights. Now it turns out that instead of two tickets I had two duo-tickets, meaning that, now that I’ve seen it with a friend, I still have one duo-ticket left.

I mean I could see it again, probably, but why not spread the joy instead?

So if you live anywhere near me (Ghent or Flanders in general), you can participate in the mini give-away by messaging me with a reason why you deserve the tickets*. Please reblog this at least once so that other people actually see it ;)

And for those who don’t like to go into new endeavours blindly, you can go read my review here**.

I will announce the winner Sunday, May 20th.

*said tickets are for two people in a cinema of choice anywhere in Flanders (provided they play the movie at all, of course), whenever you want.
** feedback welcome!